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19 Jun 2015 Peek, Aren't You Curious

School is out for summer, and Peek, Aren't You Curious is all set for days by the beach, fun with friends, and no homework! Their summer collection has been surfacing online the past couple of weeks, and they have been using several shots of Sadie! She can be seen dancing and twirling along the shore, running around with friends, and enjoying all that mother nature has to offer on the gorgeous day of this shoot. The images came out fabulously, and many were popping up in customer's inboxes too to advertise their sales and promotions. The images just scream perfect summer day, I especially love the close up of her among the flowers and the shots down by the water.

Behind the scenes, Sadie had a very exciting day working for Peek, Aren't You Curious. Their team is so awesome, and they picked such great locations for the shoot. She also loved working with her friends and everyone made sure to pose for pictures throughout the day together that were featured on the company's social media accounts.

That's not all! Sadie was also a part of a project that the company was working on for Mother's Day! They asked some of their models to recite parts of the poem "When You Thought I Wasn't Looking" and say "Happy Mother's Day". They then put all the different parts together to make a continuous piece as all the kids said different portions of the poem. It was so fun to see, and Sadie loved being a part of it.

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05 Jun 2015 The Gypsy Wanderer

Earlier this year Sadie did a fantastic photoshoot with Kymberly Marciano and I am happy to say that it has now been published in Little Revolution Magazine! She appears in the June issue of the London based publication in an editorial called "The Gypsy Wanderer". Sadie shot two different looks which came together fabulously thanks to Heather Rome and she just loved all of the feather accessories and how they incorporated them into her braids even. While all three images came out great I especially love the close up shot, Sadie looks so grown up, and make sure to view the entire issue of Little Revolution Magazine here!

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15 May 2015 MilK Magazine!

I have a very fun update to share with everyone today, and that is Sadie's shoot for MilK Magazine called Birds of Paradise! She had an amazing time working with Elke Van de Velde and her team made up up of Tracy Madison, Hilary Folks, Heidi Nymark, and Meg Schmitt. Between all of them it was a group effort to bring together these fantastic photos for the tropical summer trends focused editorial and a very cool memory for Sadie...working with a parrot! Now how awesome is that! The birds were very well trained as Sadie and the other kids held them and posed for photos, and it even sat on her shoulder for part of the shoot!

Sadie did three other looks as a part of the editorial, each one quite different from the last. The swimwear shot came out great with her floral pattern bikini and swim cap, and she loved the suit and turban she wore for the other two looks. The images have been published on the website for MilK Magazine as well, and with a thank-you to Elke, we have the shoot images too! Make sure to head on over to the gallery to view all of the images from this incredible photoshoot!

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10 Apr 2015 In Your Eyes & Tire of Fun!!

There is something special about being a model for a photoshoot where a photographer is bringing her own creative idea to life through a series of photos. You get to encompass their vision, put your own take on the idea, and the result is a fantastic set of images you're proud to have been a part of. Sadie got to do just that for the always wonderful Alex Kruk who shot two editorials back to back, In Your Eyes and Tire of Fun! The first is one of the photographers absolute favorite shoots, which makes it even more exciting to be a part of, and features a close up shot of Sadie, hair blowing in her face. The photo is powerful as you connect immediately with Sadie's eyes which tell a part of the story. The second shoot Sadie got to use tires for props, standing in the center, climbing through one, and she enjoyed every minute of it. Shoot images as well as a series of outtakes can be found in the gallery, and thank-you to Alex, Christina, and Kendria for an amazing photoshoot!

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24 Feb 2015 New Layouts!!

Welcome back to Sadie Lady! You may have noticed that something was going on the last couple of days when trying to access the site, and I'm happy to say that it was for a very good reason....we have new layouts! All three designs have been changed to feature Sadie's recent shoots with Alex Kruk, Shannon Sewell/Krysta Metcalf, and Amy Pogue! The layouts were done by our friend Sarah, and we know you all will love them as much as we do!

Some changes have been made while adding the new layouts, with the biggest one being that you can find links to all of Sadie's official accounts on social media in the header! Just click on there to be taken to the account, and if you aren't already following her/have her page liked, make sure to do so!

Lastly, the spotlight fan art and video have been changed, we always appreciate all of the things made for Sadie, and don't forget to share them to her page on Facebook so we can see.

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