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06 Oct 2010 Stella Cove & Target!

Hi everyone! As I said in my last post Miss Sadie booked and shot for swimwear company Stella Cove. Even though it has only been a short time since she shot it we have been lucky enough to see the pictures online already! A big thanks also goes to Gretchen Easton who has sent us the HQ pictures from the day! I must say I am in love with this shoot love.gif Sadie's personality shines through in each shot, she is so vercitile isn't she? GO SADIE! Make sure you check out all the pictures from the shoot in the gallery by clicking on the thumbnails below:

I have some other news as well! Sadie Lady has yet again booked and shot for Target bigsmile.gif This time she shot for Spring 2011 instore posters! She had SO MUCH FUN on the set as she always does and just passed out on the way home! She really gives it her all each shoot and I am so very excited to see the picture when it comes out!

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01 Sep 2010 Marshalls & Stella Cove Bookings!

Hi everyone! I have some very exciting news!! Last week Sadie and her Mom got the chance to fly to Lake Tahoe to shoot for Marshalls Winter/Holiday campaign!!! SO AWESOME!!! She had a fabulous time with photographer Miss Mei and even got a standing ovation after her first shot! GO SADIE! She made lots of new friends on set and was an experience of a lifetime bigsmile.gif The pictures are set to come out this October in time for the holiday season. I have added some Behind The Scenes pictures from the day to the gallery, click on the thumbnails to view them below:

Not only did Sadie shoot for Marshalls, she also had a fun day at the beach shooting for Swimwear clothing line Stella Cove! She had an amazing time with all the other kids on the set and I will share the pictures with you as soon as they surface smile.gifNow for a little Zacky update!! A while ago I added an ad from Target which was ADORABLE! I am pleased to announce that we now have another picture from that shoot to share with you all!! Its equally adorable, and I just love it love.gif Zacky can also be seen on the Red Vintage Pony website here under the tab "about us". Its so nice to see Zachary's ads still surfacing on the net, very cool!Thats all for now but check back for more news an updates on our little miss Sadie!

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25 Jul 2010 New Layouts and Much More!

Hi everyone!! We are back and better than ever! You may have noticed that slowly over the past week the site has been getting a well deserved make over! The layouts were made by the fabulous Juli, they are so perfect for Sadie. They echo her personality so well and add a sense of professionalism to her work smile.gif Make sure you post a comment to let us know how much you like the new layouts!!Miss Sadie has been VERY busy at various auditions and shoots recently and I am proud to announce that she has yet again booked and shot for TARGET! They just can not get enough of her! The pictures should be out this Fall/September in the weekly circular, we will be looking out for them. GO SADIE!As well as new layouts we have a lot of new additions to the gallery, the rest of the Colette Cugno photoshoot images have been added. I love this set of images, Sadie's personality is so evident in all of them and they show her versitility as a model, Colette and Sadie both did an AMAZING job. Click on the thumbnails below to view the images in the gallery:

Sadie Lady is now featured on the Little Mass website, she looks so cute alongside her other modelling friends. What a cute clothing collection they got to show off! We recently discovered that one of Sadie's pictures from the Spring/Summer Garnet Hill range was reused as a website banner on the Garnet Hill website! It is one of my favourite pictures of Sadie and I was so happy when they used it again love.gifNot only do we have recent modelling work but the other day Jade found a SUPER OLD pictures of Sadie modelling for Crazy 8 all the way back in 2007! It is such a sweet picture, Sadie has the most infectious grin and it makes me smile just to look at the picture! Make sure you check those images out in the gallery:
Now some congratulations are in order! In Febuary Nathan was the new face of ITRT, then in March it was Sadies turn, but this month....ZACHARY is the new face winner, way to go Zacky!!!! That picture is amazing, you did such a brilliant job!! What a handsome little boy you are!!! To view his picture either visit the ITRL website or view the picture by clicking on the thumb below!
That's it for now but please check back soon for more up to date news on Sadie!

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10 Jun 2010 Little Mass Clothing!

What an update I have for everyone today! Recently Sadie shot for the high-end boutique clothing line, Little Mass. The pictures were taken by the fabulous Madison Ave Photography and I must say all the pictures are absolutely adorable! I love the pictures where Sadie is wearing the pink skirt and looking straight into the camera. Her eyes are simply STUNNING! All the pictures are so fun and her personality yet again shines through love.gif

In other news Miss Sadie recently shot for MGA toy packaging! She had a lot of fun and her ad should be on Little Tyke boxes Spring 2011! Its quite a bit of a wait but definitely something to look forward to!!In the last update with the AMAZING pictures that Martha took I mentioned that Sadie would be appearing in an upcoming blog post. Well if you follow this link here it will lead you to the post about our little Sweet Sadie Sunshine! The pictures look FABULOUS together and hearing about the shoot makes it seem like such a special day bigsmile.gif What a cutie pie she is! Be sure to also read the comments left from that blog post some are just so sweet and heartwarming smile.gif Thats all for now but check back soon for more news and updates on our little Sadie.

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26 May 2010 Martha Schuster Photoshoot!

Today I am so excited to bring you this update, it features another photoshoot that our little Miss Sadie lady had a BLAST doing. I think that she really shines in these photos, her cutie expressions, all kinds of different poses and the location are just SO Sadie! Thank you to Martha Schuster at I see the moon photography for taking the time to really let Sadie's personality shine! A little inside info, Martha has created a Blog so be sure to keep checking her site because you may just see little Sadie being featured there! I personally think she looks so carefree and innocent, Martha you really captured it in every shot!

I have also added a couple more images from Pottery Barn kids that have surfaced, and while we may have already seen the images they are just so cute so please if you could take the time to view them I know Miss Sadie would love your support, she had such a fine time hamming it up on set so I am SO glad that images keep coming out and I only hope that more continue to surface.I saved possibly the best news for last! Sadie has booked again and will be shooting for none other then TARGET!!! I love how much they are using not only Sadie, but BOTH her brothers aswell. I am so beyond thrilled that Target loves the Soms and I cannot wait to bring you that update when the images surface!! WAY TO GO SADIE!!

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