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Little Mass Clothing! :: 10 Jun 2010 :: posted by Sophie

What an update I have for everyone today! Recently Sadie shot for the high-end boutique clothing line, Little Mass. The pictures were taken by the fabulous Madison Ave Photography and I must say all the pictures are absolutely adorable! I love the pictures where Sadie is wearing the pink skirt and looking straight into the camera. Her eyes are simply STUNNING! All the pictures are so fun and her personality yet again shines through love.gif

In other news Miss Sadie recently shot for MGA toy packaging! She had a lot of fun and her ad should be on Little Tyke boxes Spring 2011! Its quite a bit of a wait but definitely something to look forward to!!In the last update with the AMAZING pictures that Martha took I mentioned that Sadie would be appearing in an upcoming blog post. Well if you follow this link here it will lead you to the post about our little Sweet Sadie Sunshine! The pictures look FABULOUS together and hearing about the shoot makes it seem like such a special day bigsmile.gif What a cutie pie she is! Be sure to also read the comments left from that blog post some are just so sweet and heartwarming smile.gif Thats all for now but check back soon for more news and updates on our little Sadie.

Nicole :: 15 Jul 2010 :: ip: logged
Sadie is SO cute!

How do I get a passowrd to view her photos?
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