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New Layouts and Much More! :: 25 Jul 2010 :: posted by Sophie

Hi everyone!! We are back and better than ever! You may have noticed that slowly over the past week the site has been getting a well deserved make over! The layouts were made by the fabulous Juli, they are so perfect for Sadie. They echo her personality so well and add a sense of professionalism to her work smile.gif Make sure you post a comment to let us know how much you like the new layouts!!Miss Sadie has been VERY busy at various auditions and shoots recently and I am proud to announce that she has yet again booked and shot for TARGET! They just can not get enough of her! The pictures should be out this Fall/September in the weekly circular, we will be looking out for them. GO SADIE!As well as new layouts we have a lot of new additions to the gallery, the rest of the Colette Cugno photoshoot images have been added. I love this set of images, Sadie's personality is so evident in all of them and they show her versitility as a model, Colette and Sadie both did an AMAZING job. Click on the thumbnails below to view the images in the gallery:

Sadie Lady is now featured on the Little Mass website, she looks so cute alongside her other modelling friends. What a cute clothing collection they got to show off! We recently discovered that one of Sadie's pictures from the Spring/Summer Garnet Hill range was reused as a website banner on the Garnet Hill website! It is one of my favourite pictures of Sadie and I was so happy when they used it again love.gifNot only do we have recent modelling work but the other day Jade found a SUPER OLD pictures of Sadie modelling for Crazy 8 all the way back in 2007! It is such a sweet picture, Sadie has the most infectious grin and it makes me smile just to look at the picture! Make sure you check those images out in the gallery:
Now some congratulations are in order! In Febuary Nathan was the new face of ITRT, then in March it was Sadies turn, but this month....ZACHARY is the new face winner, way to go Zacky!!!! That picture is amazing, you did such a brilliant job!! What a handsome little boy you are!!! To view his picture either visit the ITRL website or view the picture by clicking on the thumb below!
That's it for now but please check back soon for more up to date news on Sadie!

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