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FabKids :: 11 Dec 2016 :: posted by Lisa

Sadie loves working for FabKids and for her second shoot this year she was seen for their Boho Dreamer collection! It was a part of their fall and back to school apparel, and her images were used to promote it on both their website and social media accounts. Sadie was spotted in several banners and I especially love the photos her in the "Dream Big" dress. She looks so grown up with her sunglasses on, hair done, and posing for photos alongside her friends. It was a lot of fun to see the different shots that the company used, Sadie loved hearing friends and family saying they spotted her in their emails and while shopping online!

That's not all! This time around Sadie's shoot for FabKids included a video! She is seen throughout modeling her outfits for the camera as she walks down the street and laughs with her friends. I love how much Sadie is shown in the video, almost every shot is of her, and she really gave some great facial expressions in both the footage and photoshoot to connect with the theme of the line. Looking like she's not only having a whole lot of fun with the FabKids team, but also deep in thought and dreaming of the future in some of her shots it made for some fantastic photos and moments in the footage. It was a lot of fun to film and Sadie was so happy seeing the final cut when it was posted online. Make sure to view the video below!

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