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Happy Birthday!! :: 30 Jan 2017 :: posted by Lisa

There is a lot of celebration happening in the Som household today as the the youngest members of the family aren't so little anymore. As of today they are seeing the world from the eyes of an eleven year old for the very first time, and that calls for a whole lot of fun and excitement. It's hard to believe that it's already been eight years since Sadie Lady opened, she and Zack were just toddlers at the time and now they are pre-teens, where does the time go?

Sadie, I hope you have an amazing day celebrating your birthday with your family and friends. Everyone wants to make this day extra special for you whether it be at school, home, or wherever you are busy enjoying your big day. Presents and cake are always one of the best parts of birthdays and I hope that today brings you lots of exciting new memories, fun with with those closest to you, and a year ahead of good luck and opportunity. May your 11th Birthday be one you happily think back on for years to come, Happy Birthday!

Zack, I hope your birthday is an awesome day for you as you enjoy all your special day has to offer. Well wishes from friends, family, everyone else along the way, and all the exciting activities that birthdays bring. How lucky to get to celebrate with your friends and school and then your family later in the day, so many people who love you get to share in your 11th Birthday with you. I hope you have lots of fun today Zack, that you get some pretty cool gifts, and don't forget to make a big wish when you blow out the candles on the cake. Happy Birthday!

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