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L'enfanterrible Magazine! :: 28 Sep 2018 :: posted by

We are just days away from October baseball, and while it has been a great season...the only thing better than watching baseball is getting to play it! Sadie got to do just that for her editorial featured in L'enfanterrible Magazine and what a fun day at the ballpark it was! Entitled "The Little League" Sadie and her friends took to the field to show off their skills all while Christin Rose captured the moments that unfolded. From bats and balls to caps and sodas Sadie had so much fun doing this shoot. She made some new friends, got hang out in the dugout, and was featured in several pages of the editorial. A thank you goes out to Christin for the shoot images, and I just especially love the images of Sadie in her red cap and enjoying an orange soda for the camera!

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