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ROOM SEVEN/OILILY!! :: 10 Jan 2012 :: posted by Lisa

I am beyond excited about the images I have to share today! Sadie recently shot with the amazing Gretchen Easton for the companies Room Seven & Oilily and we now have the images from the shoot! They are simply stunning, words cannot even begin to express how cute and fun this shoot is! While I am in love with the image of Sadie up close and directly looking into the camera and the one of her jumping really makes me smile, it is so hard to pick favorites because and every single photo is amazing! Sadie loved all the clothes she got to wear for the shoot, and how great does red look on her? For each photo Sadie's facial expressions radiate off the image and Gretchen captured some fantastic moments, really showing Sadie's spunky side! Being on location always makes for such a fun time, and it really shows with all of Sadie's smiles and laughs in the photos. Thank-you so much Gretchen for such an exciting day!

Sadie is already on such a roll for 2012 and the good news keeps on coming! Next week Sadie will be shooting her third campaign for Little Warrior and she is very excited to get to work with Jessie Kenney of Juneberry Photo again!!! She's already counting down the days! While we wait for this new and amazing shoot to release, make sure to check out Sadie on the Mini Social website for Little Warrior!If you haven't already done so, please make sure to check out Sadie and Zack's Birthday Project! They'll be turning six at the end of this month and what better way to celebrate than by seeing all the amazing messages, graphics and videos made by all of you! We'd like to have everything in by no later than January 27th so everything can be put together and we have already received so many wonderful submissions, thank-you so much, this is going to help make Sadie and Zack's birthday the best one ever!

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