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Pottery Barn Kids, Target and More! :: 27 Mar 2010 :: posted by Sophie

We have a HUGE update for everyone today so lets just dive right into the action because we know that our little miss Sadie is always on the go Go GO! So here we GO! First I want to make the big announcement, last month Nathan was the new face of ITRT but this month....SADIE is the new face winner, following right along in big brothers footsteps. Way to go Sadie we could not be more proud of you than we are right now bigsmile.gif So make sure to check out the image because it was a stunning shot love.gif

Now for some recent bookings. Sadie shot for the clothing and furniture line Pottery Barn Kids and this was a HUGE job, not only because of all the fun that Miss Sadie had but because it marked a very first for Sadie..that's right! If you have already looked at the pictures then you will see why. Sadie got to WORK with her big brother Nathan for the very first time, it's such a classic Sadie moment, there she is being the ham that she is as big brother watches on it is such a darling picture. The other picture of Sadie is so gorgeous, her huge smile is so infectious! Be sure to look at the pictures and if that isn't enough for you we have more. Thanks to the Som's we have some fun behind the scene shots of Sadie on location and a few from after the shoot where she got to hang out with one of her best buddies, so hurry up and check them out!
How is the overload going for everyone? Now it's time to mention the NEW bookings. Not only does Target love Nathan but they love Sadie to because she not only shot once, but they brought her back to shoot again!!. The images will be out shortly and I can't wait to share them with you all bigsmile.gifSo lets see we covered bookings and recent jobs, we just can't let Zacky miss out on all the fun because guess what?!?! That's right he ALSO booked for Target and we have a picture of him looking as handsome as ever! Seriously! I am not kidding, he just might be the cutest 4 year old I have ever saw with a mustache, his face is so squishable! Check out it out for some laughs! Way to go Zacky! You would think this was enough updates but there is still so much to come so make sure you come back and come back soon because Sadie AND Zacky recently got new headshots done and I can honestly say that they are amazing and you are all going to love them love.gif Their personalities really shine in these pictures and they both had a blast. A huge thank you goes out to Colette who really knows how to capture them. Thank you so much!

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