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05 Oct 2009 Welcome Back to Sadie Lady!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the new and improved Sadie Lady bigsmile.gif My server got hacked so sadly we have lost all the news but we still thankfully have all the content so it isn't too bad!As you can probarbly tell we have a new layout! It was made by the fabulous Linny and I just love it! Sadie looks so precious in her little white dress! The Portfolio also has a new look which was again made by Linny which I equally adore. I also made a new layout for the Guestbook. I think the site looks very fresh and echos Sadie bright personality!Now onto news. Miss Sadie has been SUPER busy recently! Not only has she been to numerous auditions but she has just booked another shoot with TARGET!!! They really must love our Sadie, I mean who wouldn't? love.gifA commercial is now airing for Sadies Baby Einstein: World Animals DVD which she filmed not so long ago. She is featured right at the beginning hugging a giant Elephant! It is so cute! So view the video below or on the Video Page. I have also added 4 screencaps from this which can be found here. That's all for now! Have a look around and be sure to leave a comment on Sadie's Guestbook.

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