Sadhana Joule Som was born on January 30th, 2006 in Orange County, CA. Sadie, now 12 years old lives with her parents, older brother Nathan, her twin brother Zachary and dog Mocha! From the start Sadie has been a precocious child with a lot to say and a vivid imagination to match. Her bubbly personality and love for life is like a ray of sunshine to everyone who knows this young lady!!

Her career began as a baby......and was not all that planned! Encouraged by a family friend to submit the children's pictures to a local agency, they were all signed on & so began her modeling & acting! Sadie has been working ever since and has had the pleasure of working for many well-known companies such as Target, H&M , Garnet Hill, Purina, Pottery Barn Kids & Disney to name a few. She truly enjoys being in front of the camera and has an innate ability to turn on a sweet smile or be totally serious on command.

When she is not in front of the camera she enjoys all things artistic and has an extreme attention to detail. She is passionate about drawing, music, dance and enjoys performing in local theater and dance recitals. Sadie had the amazing experience of being cast as Chip in her very first Musical production Beauty & The Beast. She also adores spending time with her family & is a total cuddle bug!!

Sadhana which means loyal & devoted friend in Hindu, was named after her grandmother in India. She carries this family name proudly and is fascinated by her Indian heritage & hopes to one day travel to far off places! Until then she is reaching for the stars in everything she does.......and loving the journey!!