There are many amazing people who have helped out with getting the site where it is today, and we'd like to thank the following:

Som Family: Thank-you so much for everything and your dedication to this website for Sadie (and Zack). It is such a joy for everyone to watch the kids grow and follow along with their careers. Sadie and Zack are such bright and wonderful children and cannot wait to see what the future brings!

Marie: Thank-you so much for all of your hard and amazing work designing layouts!

Sophie: Thank-you so much for creating this site and all of your hard work!

Juli: Thank-you for creating wonderful designs for the site!

Jordyn: Thank-you for all of your help with the fan section and Sadie's fan page!

Sarah: Thank-you for all of your fabulous work designing layouts for Sadie's site!

Kaci: Thank-you for all of your amazing work doing layout designs for Sadie's site!