Welcome to the Sadie Lady Fan Video section!! All work is sent in by Sadie/Som Kids fans and if you would like to donate you can contact me. While we appreciate each and every video made, please rememer that not all can be added. Therefore please take a moment to read these few rules to not only know of the submission process, but to also ensure that fan videos are a fun and kid friendly feature on this site:

Making videos:

01. All images used must be images found on this website or the fan page.

02. Please ensure that all audio is child appropriate

03. Please credit Sadie Lady with her link included in the information section

04. Have Fun!!!!


01. Please submit only your work, if you do have a video you have seen and would like to see featured, please say it is not your work in the email and we will work on speaking to the creator

02. Only four videos per person at this time. If you would like a different one added, we'd be happy to switch one of your videos for another.

03. High Quality videos only please

04. Please be respectful of everyone's work

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