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  Birthday: January 30, 2006
  Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
  Size: 6/7
  Shoe: 12/13
  Height: 49 inches


 "Love this!! She is so stinkin' cute."
 ~ Dani Brubaker (Photographer)

 "Sadhana rocked this shoot!! What a beauty!;)"
 ~ Jessie Kenney (Photographer)

 "Congratulations Sadie on being a finalist! To us at Stella Cove you are already a winner. Not only beautiful on the outside but your beautiful spirit comes out in every photo. Thanks for all your hard work at Stella Cove."
 ~ Pia Lofdahl (Owner of Stella Cove)

 "This is absolutely amazing, Sadie has the best smile!!!"
 ~ Steven Wetherbee (Photographer)

 Sunshiney Surprise (Blogspot from I See the Moon Photography)
 "While poking around in Target the other day, I came across the best surprise! One of my little models- sweet sadie sunshine - was giggling at me from the shoe department as I strolled past! I always enjoy finding my models and seeing the projects that they have been working on. Congratulations Sadie and Family! I truly wanted to grab the poster and run!"
 ~ Martha Schuster (Photographer)

 "From a recent shoot with Zuri model Sadie. She is so free-spirited and just loves nature!!!"
 ~ Steven Wetherbee (Photographer)

 "Here's a headshot of Zuri Model Sadhana from our recent shoot. She is one of the happiest kids I have ever met!!!"
 ~ Steven Wetherbee (Photographer)

 "The Som Twins were such a joy to work with"
 ~ Steven Wetherbee (Photographer)

 "Sadie is such a free spirited child and very in touch with nature. I have seen her find joy in even the smallest flower <3"
 ~ Steven Wetherbee (Photographer)

 "She is so amazing at following directions! I got my shots of her right away.I would LOVE to use her again in the future where I can focus more on her! She is adorable!!!"
 ~ Tammie Jane (Photographer)